Specialized Bikes

To give everyone the best ride of their life.

Though they manufacture bikes across the specialty spectrum, Specialized Bikes is often referred to as a mountain bike pioneer. The technology that Specialized builds into each of its mountain bike models allows everyone from the recreational cyclist to the pro to ride harder, faster, stronger, and more safely.

Three great models that represent a good fit for most mountain bikers are the Hardrock, the Rockhopper, and the Stumpjumper. The Hardrock is the most affordable of the three popular Specialized models and gives newbies and weekend mountain warriors a great set of wheels for not only climbing trails and fire roads, but also for just buzzing around town. The Hardrock is solidly built for the many mountain bike owners who end up on the road more often than the trail.

Balanced handling characteristics and precise steering on a lightweight, efficient frame are the hallmarks of Specialized's Rockhopper. A fairly significant step up from the Hardrock, the Rockhopper is prepared to take on any trail you can give it. Though meant for non-pros, it does have the strength and design elements that let the fitness rider give it a pretty good beating.

Many pros are turning to the lightest hardtail mountain bike that Specialized has ever made, the Stumpjumper. At the request of many racers who wanted a top ride for some of the smoother races, Specialized created a bike that has a strong carbon fiber frame lighter than many road bikes. As usual, Specialized came through with brilliant, proprietary processes to create a feather-light yet tough bike that is a racer's dream.

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